SATELLITES CAPTURED is a short film based on the play SATELLITES produced by Dancing Monkey Laboratories. The idea behind the film was to allow the original work to live on past the production run. In the Lab, we’re interested in ways to expand the footprint of an idea. Letting it spread into other disciplines and exist on its own.

SATELLITES is the story of Mark and Vanessa, a young couple who have drifted apart and how technology has infiltrated and infected their lives. It’s a play about communication and connections, to each other and their own bodies. Through several ‘Tracks’ we move along with them as they struggle to make sense of what has happened to their relationship. Through metaphor and hurtful truth, they tell their story to each other and to the audience, looking for some kind of reprieve, for someone to tell them that everything will be ok. The lies they tell each other are simultaneously exposed through the presence of two Dancers who are subtext come to life. As Mark and Vanessa try to pretend that the damage they’ve done to themselves is manageable, the Dancers show us a deeper truth.

“SATELLITES is a play about words, movement, sound and trying to re-connect with the idea of wonder.”

The play will be remounted with the support of the Alberta Foundation of the Arts in October 2013 at the Epcor Centre’s Big Secret Theatre, Calgary AB.

We’d loved to hear your thoughts and comments. Culture cannot exist without the Arts and the Arts cannot exist without an audience – YOU.

Written and Directed by Mike Czuba
Choreography by Melissa Tuplin
Original Composition by Nathaniel Schmidt
Shot and Edited by Harry Papavlasopoulos

Actors: Laura Allen and Steven Evanik
Dancers: Melissa Tuplin and Jason Owen F. Galeos

Nathaniel Schmidt – Piano, Rafael Hoekman – Cello
Donovan Seidle – Violin 1, Laura Reid – Violin 2
Michael Bursey – Viola, Thomas v. Christie – Sound Engineer

Stage Management by Olivia Brooks
Additional Design Support by: Samantha Scafidi, Shelli Woodall, Andrew Woodall

SATELLITES was originally produced as part of Sage Theatre’s Ignite! Festival, 2012.
Artistic Director: Kelly Reay
Festival Director: Michelle Brandenburg


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