“Your ability to articulate the human condition, tell a story of reflection and truth in a socially relevant reality was astounding. Add in the flawless execution of multiple mediums, and the layers upon layers of connection points–I spent 51 minutes lost in a reflection of my mind! Every tear I shed, every time I leaned forward was a testament to your team. And I must thank you all for inviting me into your world. The world of Satellites. 8000 times over!” Michelle Brandenburg, Ignite! Festival Director, 2012.


SATELLITES is the story of Mark and Vanessa, a young couple who have drifted apart and how technology has infiltrated and infected their lives. It’s a play about communication and connections, to each other and their own bodies. Through several ‘Tracks’ we move along with them as they struggle to make sense of what has happened to their relationship. Through metaphor and hurtful truth, they tell their story to each other and to the audience, looking for some kind of reprieve, for someone to tell them that everything will be ok. The lies they tell each other are simultaneously exposed through the presence of two Dancers who are subtext come to life. As Mark and Vanessa try to pretend that the damage they’ve done to themselves is manageable, the Dancers show us a deeper truth.

SATELLITES is a play about words, movement, sound and trying to re-connect with the idea of wonder.

These photos are from our workshop rehearsals.

This production of SATELLITES  is using some experimental staging and we’re focused on creating a complete piece of theatre/dance/music that can stand on it’s own in either discipline’s world without having to alters a single detail. The production at Sage Theatre’s Ignite! is being treated as a workshop production, working towards a full scale production in the future.

Written/Directed and Designed by Mike Czuba
Choreography by Melissa Tuplin

Actors: Laura Allen and Steven Eveanik
Dancers: Melissa Tuplin and Jason Galeos
Original Music by Nathaniel Schmidt
Stage Management by Olivia Brooks
Graphic Design by Andrew Kerr

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