*Performance Papers

*In addition to the laboratories performances, Dancing Monkey also enjoys writing about our work. We call these writings “Performance Papers”. These papers are  designed to shine a darkened light onto the details that are beyond the stage: Structure, Mechanics, Philosophy, More questions… We also design these papers to be performances in and of themselves. Every new production strives to explore new (new to us) performative techniques and these papers talk about these experiments.  Enjoy.

The 5 Chambers – Mike Czuba’s teaching guides for the Creative Process. CLICK HERE

New Article up at Intermission Magazine: A (sort of ) Manifesto. DIGITAL THEATRE. CLICK HERE
**Addendum #1 to the Manifesto – HERE

New, short thought piece: What Does Achievement Actually Mean. CLICK HERE

A Thr(3)e Dimensional Text – An Alt-Traditional Structure. Paper that was to be presented at Imagining Differently – A performance symposium at York University, March 2020. *Cancelled due to Covid-19. CLICK HERE.

New Article at Intermission Magazine on How Mike Czuba’s writing was influenced by Prince: HERE

Mike Czuba gave the plenary address titled “Our Own Witnesses” at WP Puppet Theatre’s Puppet Power conference at the University of Calgary. Click HERE.

In preparation for Dancing Monkey’s upcoming production of Karl Nimeni is not Dead – I Killed Karl Nimeni, Mike Czuba shared some thoughts with Intermission Magazine about process, making art and identifying as an artist. Click HERE.

A Thr(3)e Dimensional Text – An Academic paper presented on February 4th, 2017 at the Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT), University of Toronto, Centre For Drama. CLICK HERE.

Paper discussing the Dancing Monkey Theory of Lo-Fi acting and creation: CLICK HERE

Paper discussing the concept of a ‘Night Play’ and the influence of Karl Nimeni on (T)heatre: CLICK HERE

Paper discussing the mechanics and intent of the theatrical event called SATELLITES: CLICK HERE

Lecture by Mike Czuba called “ART! A Philosophy for Everyone Not an Object For the Few” CLICK HERE

Paper discussing how Music informed the writing of Satie et Cocteau: A Rehearsal of a Play of a Composer by a Poet: CLICK HERE


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