Humanoid Workshop Video.

For those who could not make it to the TJLab outcome on December 1st. Here is a video* of the evenings work.

Theatre Junction‘s TJlab sessions are an invaluable opportunity for artists and collectives like ours to have the ability to explore new material at a high level, within a beautiful, intimate space, with lights, live music and tech support.

Filmed by Kevin Dong.
Full credits of the residency HERE.

*the video was created for our own archival and documenting purposes – shared here for the curious.


THE VOID – a short film


There are 34 Citizen Laws. Not everyone follows them.

Director – Mike Czuba. Dancer – Melissa Tuplin. Music – Nathaniel Schmidt. Shot and Masks – Leon Schwesinger. Costume Design/Construction – Katrina Muller. Animation – Samantha Scafidi. Sound Editing – Alex Bohn.

“How violent are the battles waged inside of ourselves to try and conform to our programming? Are they as violent as the constant attack of advertising and cultural indoctrination that has permeated so deeply into our daily lives? So deeply that there is no need for them to be subliminal or even liminal, they are simply right there in the open.”

After Us The Savage God… a new work.

Some Monkeys got together to read a draft of Mike Czuba’s new work:

After Us the Savage God.

“One part (un)historical biography – one part biting satire on our modern media and political environment.”

The history books all suggest Alfred Jarry died from a combination of malnutrition and a super-human consumption of alcohol. After Us The Savage God will offer another hypothesis – Time travel. With his life long interest in science and cycling, Alfred Jarry secretly managed to build a time machine in his decrepit apartment. He used the knowledge acquired in his travels through time to write his avant-guard and at times incomprehensible plays and novels and in the process create a series of unbelievable characters. One of these creations, the beast known as UBU, decided he would like to become real and tormented Jarry for much of his adult life. UBU inserted himself into Jarry’s world so much that the fabric of reality began to tear apart. Was UBU created by Jarry, or was Jarry created by UBU?

*Warning: Contains Adult language, fluids and depravity.

IMG_5132 IMG_5136 IMG_5137 IMG_5143

SATELLITES – Oct. 2013.

Dancing Monkey Laboratories is pleased to be able to share with you our production of SATELLITES that was produced at the Big Secret Theatre in Calgary, Alberta. October 2013. We are continuing to develop our mission to allow our original works to exist in multiple media and we are learning the how’s and what’s along the way. This development demands from us that we ask questions of how the work might be presented, how might it shift or change or grow from stage to film or vice-versa and from eye to ear… Dancing Monkey Laboratories wishes to share the fundamental core of each piece, to find it’s centre and offer it to you, how ever you might wish to receive it.

“This is the most beautiful, honest and creative performance I have seen in a long, long time.”

Stageplay Written and Directed by Mike Czuba
Choreography by Melissa Tuplin
Original Composition by Nathaniel Schmidt
Filmed and edited by: Harry Papavlaspoloulos, Jon Tsamalidis for Sitting With Giants.
Actors: Laura Allen and Steven Evanik
Dancers: Melissa Tuplin and Jason Owin F. Galeos
Design by Derek Paulich and Leon Schwesinger
Stage Management by Marcia Liber
Publicity by Michelle Brandenburg
Graphic Design by Jarett Sitter:
Music composed by Nathaniel Schmidt
Producer: Donovan Seidle
Engineer: Spencer Cheyne
Featuring: The Kensington Sinfonia
Violin I: Donovan Seidle, Hyewon Kim
Violin II: Jeremy Gabbert, Lenora Leggatt
Viola: Dean O’Brien, Carl Boychuk
Cello: Tom Megee, Rafael Hoekman
Piano: Nathaniel Schmidt

Soundtrack album available on iTunes

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