I AM I – “Montreal playwright’s anti-narrative aesthetic”

“The characters in Mike Czuba’s new tragi-comedy “I AM I” may state in frustration that they hate postmodernism, but the show owns its very appeal to this fragmented, and yet strangely cohesive genius of narrative.” Lucian Tion, Amsterdam Fringe – 2013

FOUND HERE.i-am-i“…If you spent the entirety of Waiting for Godot wondering when the hell Godot was going to show up, you may not like this Montreal playwright’s anti-narrative aesthetic. But if words like “postmodern”, “self-referential”, and “meta-fictional” appeal to you, then Czuba’s playful portrait of sexual politics in the modern age is a must-see.” Sarah Fletcher – Rover Arts.

“Mike Czuba’s breakneck and hilarious play rockets from place to place, taking in everything from love poems to sexual politics…” Orange Tea Theatre.

“Not many writers can pull off a play that transcends all boundaries of realism and logic but that still comes off as witty and entertaining” Julia Gerke – The Suburban

“Stimulating, ironic, dynamic and without compromise, the eternal human search for the Other, mirror of postmodernity in the pettiness of our time.” Yves Rousseau – LE QUATRIEME

I AM I provides the audience with an exploration of duality, love, the ridiculous things we think and the unexplainable actions we take, which remain a mystery even to ourselves.” The Concordian.

IamIPress5_webPremiere – 2009

Remount – 2011


Humanoid Workshop Video.

For those who could not make it to the TJLab outcome on December 1st. Here is a video* of the evenings work.

Theatre Junction‘s TJlab sessions are an invaluable opportunity for artists and collectives like ours to have the ability to explore new material at a high level, within a beautiful, intimate space, with lights, live music and tech support.

Filmed by Kevin Dong.
Full credits of the residency HERE.

*the video was created for our own archival and documenting purposes – shared here for the curious.

Humanoid – A Love Supreme

A review/reflection on Dancing Monkey’s new work Humanoid – A LOVE SUPREME by Tony Park.


A week ago I was fortunate to catch Dancing Monkey Lab’s latest production, Humanoid – A Love Supreme. This multi-disciplinary production included live (composed and improvised) music, choreographed dance, and actors.


Humanoid – A Love Supreme

Direction: Mike Czuba & Melissa Tuplin / Script: Mike Czuba / Choreography: Melissa Tuplin / Light& Set Design: Leon Schwesinger / Music: Nathaniel Schmidt (composer), Mark Limacher (keyboards), Chris Dadge (percussion, violin), Nate Waters (tenor saxophone, percussion) / Dancers: Hailey McLeod, Chantal Wall, Sylvie Moquin / Actors: Hailey McLeod, Connor Williams, Geneviève Paré, Constantine Combitsis

The production I saw was a part of the “TJLAB” series at Theatre Junction Grand (608-1st ST SW Calgary). Works in progress are showcased here to experience life in front of a real audience, receive feedback, then returned to scripts/ rehearsals to be worked on again to eventually yield more streamlined and seasoned products.

Humanoid- A Love Supreme as the title may…

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New – *PAGE ONE – Humanoid – A LOVE SUPREME

The latest intalment of *PAGE ONE:  Actor Geneviève Paré reading p.27 of Humanoid – A LOVE SUPREME. A Night Play by Dancing Monkey Laboratories

**Page One is a video initiative by Dancing Monkey Laboratories to connect with actors, dancers, designers, and anyone else really, to read the first page of one of Mike Czuba’s plays (*or – a page from anywhere in the text, or the last page, or a collection of sections, eventually even the screenplays – it’s flexible – and contains many an ‘ish’ as is suggested by Nocturology‘s non-existent, yes strongly suggested, theatrical guidelines.)

THE VOID – a short film

Humanoid – A LOVE SUPREME exists in multiple worlds. While the collective and an amazing group of collaborators are in residency at Theatre Junction’s TJLab  exploring the worlds of the Citizens and the Humanoids (outcome presentation Dec 1st – 8pm), a short film was constructed to show a space in between.

There are 34 Citizen Laws. Not everyone follows them.

Director – Mike Czuba. Dancer – Melissa Tuplin. Music – Nathaniel Schmidt. Shot and Masks – Leon Schwesinger. Costume Design/Construction – Katrina Muller. Animation – Samantha Scafidi. Sound Editing – Alex Bohn.

“How violent are the battles waged inside of ourselves to try and conform to our programming? Are they as violent as the constant attack of advertising and cultural indoctrination that has permeated so deeply into our daily lives? So deeply that there is no need for them to be subliminal or even liminal, they are simply right there in the open.”