SATELLITES CAPTURED at Cinédanse in Montreal.

On January 12th, Dancing Monkey Laboratories short film “SATELLITES CAPTURED” will be presented at Cinédanse – part of this years Bouge D’ici dance festival. Bouge d’ici (formerly known as CoMotion Farm) was founded in 2009 to support Montreal’s up-and-coming contemporary dance artists. It was founded as a reaction to the lack of realistic opportunities for emerging choreographers […]

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Program for SATELLITES – 2013

Written and Directed by Mike Czuba Choreography by Melissa Tuplin Original Composition by Nathaniel Schmidt Actors: Laura Allen and Steven Evanik Dancers: Melissa Tuplin and Jason Owin F. Galeos Stage Management by Marcia Liber Design by Derek Paulich and Leon Schwesinger Publicity by Michelle Brandenburg Graphic Design by Jarett Sitter Thank you’s first: Dancing Monkey […]

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Poster for SATELLITES – 2013

“Mike Czuba’s Satellites is a beautiful meditation on being human in a growingly complex world. Brought to life by a sublime convergence of words, music and movement, Satellites will move audiences and remind you to reach out and hold the hand of the loved one sitting beside you”. Kelly Reay – Artistic Director of Sage Theatre. Poster design by Jarett Sitter […]

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SATELLITES returning to Calgary.

October 2nd to the 5th – 2013. SATELLITES by Dancing Monkey Laboratories will be returning to Calgary at the EPCOR CENTRE’s Big Secret Theatre. This new ‘Remix’ reunites the original cast with some new members behind the scenes. Written and Directed by Mike Czuba Choreography by Melissa Tuplin Original Composition by Nathaniel Schmidt Design by Derek Paulich […]

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SATELLITES CAPTURED is a short film based on the play SATELLITES produced by Dancing Monkey Laboratories. The idea behind the film was to allow the original work to live on past the production run. In the Lab, we’re interested in ways to expand the footprint of an idea. Letting it spread into other disciplines and […]