Digital Manifesto

In January 2021 I wrote a piece for Intermission Magazine detailing some of the discoveries we made as a collective during the process of making the live streamed performance of my play Like Tom Cruise Loves Running.

The link to the full manifesto can also be found HERE.

Over the months, as I watched more on-line and streamed theatre and dance performances, I decided to expand on the original text by highlighting some key aspects as they revealed themselves. More will be posted as this performance form continues to evolve. These are the addendums:

Addendum #1: Artists, Demand Agency.

Addendum #2: Be Ambitious!

Addendum #3: Kindness and Communication

Addendum #4: People are Watching, Do You Care?

“Online performances are probably going to be watched while wearing sweatpants in your home, where all your other paid streaming services live—not to mention basic life things, like vacuuming, books or couch naps. Nobody buys a show, they rent an experience. Be a good landlord.”