Satie et Cocteau – Le Film…

(S)cientist Mike Czuba has just finished a screenplay version of his play Satie et Cocteau: A Rehearsal of a Play of a Composer by a Poet. The screenplay stays true to the stage version with some cinematic expansions and imaginings of the world of memories Cocteau and Actor are working in. It is an Art […]

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SATELLITES – Oct. 2013.

Dancing Monkey Laboratories is pleased to be able to share with you our production of SATELLITES that was produced at the Big Secret Theatre in Calgary, Alberta. October 2013. We are continuing to develop our mission to allow our original works to exist in multiple media and we are learning the how’s and what’s along […]

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(A)RT! Lecture Excerpt.

(A)RT! A philosophy for everyone, not an object for the few.  At Dancing Monkey Laboratories show last April I introduced myself as a (S)cientist and I got an e-mail from a colleague who hoped I wasn’t doing this because the word Artist had become distasteful to me. I answered No! of course not – but […]

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Last Lecture – (A)RT!

On Wednesday March 12th, Dancing Monkey Laboratories (S)cientist Mike Czuba will be giving a lecture entitled “(A)RT! A Philosophy for Everyone, Not an Object for the Few” as part of the Last Lecture Series at the University of Calgary.

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I AM I – is waiting for you…

“The characters in Mike Czuba’s new tragi-comedy “I am I” may state in frustration that they hate postmodernism, but the show owns its very appeal to this fragmented, and yet strangely cohesive genius of narrative that brings together in a hodgepodge of at times entertaining, at times disquieting instances two highly neurotic (and charismatic) leading […]

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I AM I – Review from Amsterdam.

Here is a review excerpt of Orange Tea Theatre’s production of Mike Czuba’s I AM I. Full review on-line here. Follow Orange Tea Theatre here and on twitter here. “Dating in the Postmodern World.” by Lucian Tion …Remember those times you’d buy her a bouquet of flowers and later go for a stroll together through […]

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LO-FI ACTING – Initial thoughts (the research continues)

LO-FI Acting and the Search for a Relevant Aesthetic By Mike Czuba For Dancing Monkey Laboratories Lo-fi (adjectival form “low-fidelity”) describes a sound recording which contains technical flaws that make the recording sound different compared with the live sound being recorded, such as distortion, hum, background noise, or limited frequency response.[1] “So we come to the question of the Actor as […]

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