I AM I – Angst in Amsterdam – Sept 2013

September 6th to the 9th – ORANGE TEA THEATRE will be producing Mike Czuba’s play I AM I at the Amsterdam Fringe.


It can be hard being a man. We are our own worst wing man. You know that voice in your head? No, not that one, the other one. The one that says if you could just be like this then everything would be fine? Smarter, sharper, sweeter, funnier, edgier, sexier, deeper, wittier… No wonder that when all these thoughts go to war all that comes out of our mouths is ‘uuuhhhhhh…’.

Mike Czuba’s breakneck and hilarious play rockets from place to place, taking in everything from love poems to sexual politics to just how much is OK to spend on dinner. But can the actors keep to the script, or will life get in the way? One woman, one man. No, two men. One man split in two. Three actors. Two actors and an actress? Who knows any more… Get mixed up and straightened out with Orange Tea Theatre’s I Am I.

Orange Tea Theatre create cutting edge English language theatre work in Amsterdam, known for American Midget and sell-out success Hertz.



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