WE MUST COLLIDE (Residency) 2016

Dancing Monkey was invited to participate in Theatre Junction’s Lab sessions. A week long residency of exploration and continued workshopping of our original interdisciplinary dance piece WE MUST COLLIDE.  From January 18th to the 22nd 2016 with a public outcome on Friday the 22nd

WE MUST COLLIDE is a high energy, kinetic, interdisciplinary piece exploring the violence of stillness against the explosion of a touch into the control and strength of a developed impression. With modern technology literally pulling us apart, we must physically collide into each other to be noticed, felt and seen.

Dancers: Melissa Tuplin, Meghann Michalsky, Chandler Smith, Sarah Curts, Chenise Mitchell, and Jason Owin F. G.
Text and co-directed by: Mike Czuba
Choreography and co-directed by: Melissa Tuplin
Original Music by: Nathaniel Schmidt
Design by: Leon Kennedy Schwesinger
Images by Maria Arseniuk