Sublimity – a love supreme

Dancing Monkey Laboratories presents an innovative hybrid live performance and live stream event with multiple cameras – creating two unique viewing experiences.

March 7 – 11, 2023, 7:30pm MT.
Tuesday – SOLD OUT.
Wednesday – Getting full.
Thursday – Available.
Friday – Available.
Saturday – SOLD OUT.

**Wednesday March 8th – The Live Stream will be cancelled as we work through some technical issues to make sure that you get to see the best possible performance. Thank you for your understanding.

Live Performance at cSpace Studio Theatre – 1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, AB.
Streamed Live Nightly (Please note that this stream is live, and the link will only work for the duration of the one hour performance beginning at 7:30pm MT.)
Ticket information can be found HERE.

Dancing Monkey Laboratories in association with Tim Nguyen Co. and studio.unit2 Present
“Sublimity – A Love Supreme” written by Mike Czuba
Performer Bio’s can be found on our Instagram page:

Performers – Val Duncan (#2), Maddy Faunt (Dancer), Margarita Rebetskaia (Dancer), Sarah Robertson (#1), Serenella Sol (Dancer/Humanoid), Meegan Sweet (#3)

Directed and Choreographed by Mike Czuba and Melissa Tuplin

Music – Nathaniel Schmidt, David Burnett, Donovan Seidle

Livestream Direction  – Wil Knoll

Cinematography and Poster Design – Tim Nguyen

Costumes and Masks – Angela Dale

Lighting and Production Design – Skylar Desjardins

Stage Manager – Michael Luong

Intimacy Direction –  Shawna McGill-Legault

Production Management – Donna Ng

Resident Maker – Leon Schwesinger

Voiceover – Connor Williams

Live Stream Operator – Savanna Harvey

Directors’ Note:

Seven years ago, Dancing Monkey Laboratories spent 2 weeks in the Studio at The Grand (formally Theatre Junction Grand) as part of the TJLabs series. Those 2 weeks resulted in an hour-long workshop performance of Humanoid – A Love Supreme. The collective efforts and offerings of the original cast and creative team are the foundation of this production. Thank you to Geneviève Paré, Connor Williams, Constantine X.Anastasakis, Hailey McLeod, Chantal Wall, Sylvie Moquin, Mark Limacher, Nate Waters, Chris Dadge, and Kevin Dong for your art. We are so honoured to build upon that work with Sublimity – A Love Supreme.

Seven years later, the themes of this work, Control, Programming, Othering, Rules, and New Realities, continue to resonate. Sublimity – A Love Supreme is not a political play, but art, and the act of making art is inherently political, holding a mirror to the ways in which we collectively grapple with these themes and how they inform our individual, community, and societal experiences. Sublimity – A Love Supreme is a love story. It’s the story of the choices we make when we love deeply, whether that love is for each other, ourselves, our world, or our beliefs, and how far those choices will take us into hope or despair. 

This production would not have happened without the funding support of the Canada Council for the Arts. This production also would not have happened without the contributions and support of many others over the years – artists, audiences, volunteers, collaborators, and donors. In particular we would like to express gratitude to Matt McKinney for contributing to the technology for the livestream, and Michelle Brandenburg for donating health and safety equipment. This production was rehearsed at The Room YYC, the Calgary Bridge Centre, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Evergreen Theatre, and the ATCO Performing Arts Centre. Finally, we could not have done this show without the support of cSpace’s staff and technical team

Dancing Monkey Laboratories has been creating work as a collective for over a decade, producing 3 full length productions (Satellites, Karl Nimeni is Not Dead – I Killed Karl Nimeni, and Sublimity – A Love Supreme) and many workshop productions. We invite you to click through this website and learn more about our work. 

Mike Czuba and Melissa Tuplin, co-directors, on behalf of Dancing Monkey Laboratories

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts

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