sublimity – a love supreme

This November, Dancing Monkey started the creative process of their new work. With old friends and new faces we had two workshops which included introductions, design presentations, a script reading and discussions on rehearsal methods and fairness and transparency statements. Then we got on our feet and into the text and movement – we began to play.

This is an ambitious project both in its size, for us, with the help of a Canada Council Digital Now grant, and in what we would like to share. Something deeper, with room for the audience to take themselves on an emotional narrative. A space to find their own stories layered within.

This will also be a live / live-streamed hybrid performance. With an audience in-house at the cSPACE venue in Calgary and at-home, where ever they (you) are. Creating in essence, two different performances simultaneously.

Sublimity – A LOVE SUPREME is a one-act interdisciplinary show for 3 actors and 3 dancers. It is about challenging systems and challenging traditional theatre forms and expectations. 

The play takes place in an imagined reality, where citizens are separated into two classes.  This world is tightly controlled, and the citizens no longer question how things are and simply accept that this is how it is. The society is guided by 34 ‘Citizen Laws’ that were written in a time no one remembers. Then, something shifts.

We would love to see you next year – Tuesday, March 7th to Saturday, March 11th, 2023.

Follow us on instagram @dancingmonkeylaboratories where we will begin introductions of our cast and crew.

Creative Team:
Mike Czuba – Writer, Co-Director, Producer
Melissa Tuplin – Choreographer, Co-Director, Producer
Tim Nguyen – Director of Photography, Videographer
Wil Knoll – Livestream Director
Nathaniel Schmidt – Composer (with Donovan Seidle, David Burnett)
Angela Dale – Costume Designer
Skylar Desjardins – Lighting and Production Designer
Michael Luong – Stage Manager
Donna Ng – Production Manager

Val Duncan, Serenella Sol, Sarah Robertson, Maddy Faunt, Meegan Sweet and Rita Rebetskaia

Pics by Tim Nguyen and Donna Ng.


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