Strangely, Dancing Monkey Laboratories, will have… a season? Don’t worry, we’re confused as well.

In April (16th to the 20th), the premiere of a new work Karl Nimeni is not Dead – I Killed Karl Nimeni, an international co-production with Germany’s Interdisciplinary Kolleg ‘Karl NImeni’: Nature and Culture of the Night, will be produced at EPCOR CENTRE’s Motel space. Then, hopefully in October (official date and location to be announced) we will be remounting SATELLITES. Both shows are building on our interdisciplinary focus to blur the lines between those disciplines; Text, Dance, Music, Design, Tech.

Karl Nimeni is not Dead – I Killed Karl Nimeni is described as a ‘Night play’ or ‘Theatrical Poem’ because the content and structure demand a shift in how it is being advertized. Any preconceptions of what the audience is going to see would be creating an artificial barrier between audience and performance before anything has been shared. As with the work begun with SATELLITES at Sage Theatre’s Ignite! Festival last June, we wish to explore and experiment without losing our awareness and inclusion of the audience. Art in a vacuum has no value, Art communally shared as an immediate experience can be magic.

Our goal with the remount of SATELLITES is to take out initial offerings of text, music and dance and further compress their development, to push ourselves as artists so that we can become better communicators. Here at the Lab, we are not interested repeating ourselves, as evidenced by our two vastly different productions of I AM I, we are interested in the ideas of process, progress and discovery.

The development and rehearsal of both Karl Nimeni is not Dead – I Killed Karl Nimeni and SATELLITES will be spread out over several months allowing for maximum sub-conscience involvement. Ideas, like people, need time to breath.


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