Dis/Connected – A new solo work by Melissa Tuplin

“Tuplin’s Dis/Connected is at once introspective and bold. Tuplin’s intimate examination of self-expression versus self-censorship excites with its vulnerability.”  Rodrigo Flores – Review/Reflection HERE. There’s a ragged edge between who you are and how you wish to be seen; the unknowingness of self-love and the knowingness of self-curation. A diary entry, an elegy, a battle-cry, a prayer… what […]


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Strangely, Dancing Monkey Laboratories, will have… a season? Don’t worry, we’re confused as well. In April (16th to the 20th), the premiere of a new work Karl Nimeni is not Dead – I Killed Karl Nimeni, an international co-production with Germany’s Interdisciplinary Kolleg ‘Karl NImeni’: Nature and Culture of the Night, will be produced at […]

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Video from Sage Theatre’s Ignite Festival 2012. This video has been created for promotional purposes to highlight the Choreography, Dancing and the Music. A more elaborate short film is being created, including all elements of the production, to stand alone as a piece of work unto itself.

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