We’ll Always Have The Running

From Sept 16 to 19, observationOne, a collaboration between Mike Czuba of Dancing Monkey, Tim Nguyen from TimNguyen.co and Wil KNoll from unit2studios, got together to investigate what theatre means in the middle of a global pandemic. How can we as Artists continue to create, continue to share, and continue grow when more than 6 people in a room is dangerous. So, we got 6 people in a room and made some art. We are still processing the experience, but in the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing our reflections and a full video of the performance of LIKE TOM CRUISE LOVES RUNNING.

The performances were performed and streamed LIVE each night, allowing the actors to keep finding the work and the creators to fine-tune the delivery and imagine where it can go in the future.

Full Show Video (September 18th) can be found HERE OR HERE.

Mike Czuba – Writer, Director of Film and Performance.
Tim Nguyen – Director of Cinematography.
Wil Knoll – Director of Film and Technology.
Featuring: Val Duncan as Morgan. Trevor Loman as Parker. Donna Ng as Charlie.
Music and Sound – David Burnett and Steve J. Evanik.

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