*NEW WORK: YOUNG RIDERS: In and Out of Consciousness.

..The play also makes it painfully clear that the struggle for equality is constant by exposing the overlaps between then and now.

A  new play in development by Mike Czuba, YOUNG RIDERS: In and Out of Consciousness tells the story of four young members of SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) who made the courageous (some say irresponsible) decision to continue the Freedom Rides after the original riders were brutally attacked in Alabama causing the organizers to cancel the remainder of the Ride.

As the play develops we descend into the nightmarish world of the Parchman Farm maximum security prison in Mississippi where many of the freedom riders were sent after being arrested for ‘Breach of Peace’. YOUNG RIDERS: In and Out of Consciousness shines a light on a moment in the Civil Rights movement that started as a simple idea but ignited a national debate and rose to the heights of the Federal Government.

“We no doubt have some jaded, irony fueled sorts in the audience tonight, so before you accuse us of preaching to the choir, let me remind you that all choirs need practice and sometimes we forget the words…”

Interested in a read? Contact: dancingmonkeylab@gmail.com

**Music: Trouble on the Bus (Freedom Rides) by the Marcus Shelby Orchestra from the album “Soul Of The Movement”.


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