The SATELLITES Experience…

Dancing Monkey Laboratories would like thank all those who joined us in the lab and the world of SATELLITES.

Here are a few reactions to the show – Feel free to add your own.

“… you really must see this show. This is the most beautiful, honest and creative performance I have seen in a long, long time. If you miss it, you are missing something really special and – important. WARNING: contains powerful and profound truths about life and connections and love and life. Bring tissue.” Erin Millar.

“Taken on their own – the words, music and dance in this production could move the soul. Together, it’s a riveting performance made better by a well thought out stark set and subtle yet technically strong lighting. This show should not be missed. Thanks for a marvellous evening of theater!” Gary Maltin.

“I was quite impressed with what I saw. Mike’s direction brought weight and flow to what was essentially a series of monologues and the integration of Melissa’s choreography added intelligent visual appeal and depth to the story. While I wish there was more narrative opportunity to connect with the characters in order to truly empathize with their plight, both Laura and Steven did an excellent job breathing life into their roles. These are performers I look forward to seeing again. Finally, kudos to Nathaniel for a stunning musical accompaniment that in many ways acts as a third character in this risk taking and mostly successful performance.” Jessica Goldman, Theatre Critic – Applause Meter/CBC.

“…my friends must see your show. So that we can have a common vocabulary to talk about my feelings. So that when I say “Okay so… it’s like… well did you see Satellites?” They’ll all say “yes. of course I did. It was beautiful and heart wrenching” And then I can say “It feels like that.” And they’ll nod knowingly. Because they’ll have seen it too. And they’ll get it. Ya know?” Amy Elizabeth.

“…Satellites is a beautiful meditation on being human in a growingly complex world. Brought to life by a sublime convergence of words, music and movement, Satellites will move audiences and remind you to reach out and hold the hand of the loved one sitting beside you”. Kelly Reay – Artistic Director of Sage Theatre.

“Saturday night, … at the Big Secret, was closing night for Satellites, playwright Mike Czuba’s melancholy ode to the ways in which technology have put greater distance between each of us than ever before. Essentially, Satellites was a pair of duelling monologues, featuring Steve Evanik and Laura Allen as a pair of lovers whose love has hit a big, deep pothole, and dancers Jason Owin F. Galeos and (Satellites choreographer) Melissa Tuplin as the same two lovers, dancing out the subtext of their sorrowful monologue.

It’s all underscored by a terrifically sad soundtrack by composer Nathaniel Schmidt, and danced beautifully by the subtext dancers.

Set against a bare, black backdrop, I felt as if, for all the innovative storytelling, they could have had a little more visual fun with our technological obsessions, but maybe that multi-media aspect I craved is just an admission that I’m part of the problem! Beyond that, however, Satellites was innovative, emotional and well-executed by the whole team.” Stephen Hunt, Theatre Critic – The Calgary Herald (

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