What Does Achievement Actually Mean?

Hey look, I’m not starting this with a definition! What that word means to us will change depending on our reality, age, culture, ambition, maybe even gender and hundreds of other factors. To some it might be the simple act of starting something, let alone finishing anything, or it needs to be something bigger, a […]


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An Alt-Traditional Structure

This is a version of a paper that I was supposed to give at a conference at York University at the end of the month – which unfortunately was cancelled due to Covid-19. So I decided to turn it into a Dancing Monkey Performance Paper. This is part two of the ‘Thr(3)e Dimensional Text‘ series, […]

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A Thr(3)e Dimensional Text.

An Academic paper presented on February 4th, 2017 at the Festival of Original Theatre (FOOT), University of Toronto, Centre For Drama. Just as a Dancer communicates through movement and a Musician communicates through a series of notes, a Playwright needs words on a page until the potential of the text can be fully expressed physically […]

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(A)RT! Lecture Excerpt.

(A)RT! A philosophy for everyone, not an object for the few.  At Dancing Monkey Laboratories show last April I introduced myself as a (S)cientist and I got an e-mail from a colleague who hoped I wasn’t doing this because the word Artist had become distasteful to me. I answered No! of course not – but […]

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