Running Digitally

A Monkey adjacent project:

With the generous support of the Rozsa Foundation and Calgary Arts Development, Mike Czuba, along with Tim Nguyen and Wil Knoll will be experimenting with a project designed to investigate how a theatrical play can be re-imagined within a digital world, to ask different questions of ourselves as artists, our disciplines, and offer possible solutions in a finished, presented work.

We are taking Mike’s One-Act play, Like Tom Cruise Loves Running, and seeing what it can become, in-between theatre and film. Can the lens of the camera be a ‘5th wall’, another character within the action? What might change or be expanded for the actors? How can we re-imagine what an audience is in this new space and how can the performance be disseminated? These are big questions, yes, but ones that need to be more than just asked, but physically played with, potential answers need to be attempted and embodied and mistakes need to be made. This is not simply a necessity for larger companies with access to more resources, but fundamentally important for the independent and emerging artist as well.


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