Clean Up on Aisle Go F#ck Yourself

A new one act by Mike Czuba. “Clean up on Aisle Go Fuck Yourself” is a conceptual MixTape in the form of a play – surreal, absurd, offensive and uncomfortable in a poor-theatre style. Topics jump randomly fast between themselves, never settling, never completing, just building on top of themselves testing what it means to be progressive in a landscape that’s void of shame.

Ryan has been watching too much FOX news. Their friends Aaron and Murphy are obviously worried. They break down Ryan’s apartment door to find them almost catatonic, babbling incoherently.

What follows is a whiplash trip through different ‘tracks’ of a mixtape as Right and Left fight for supremacy. Through news reports, stand-up comedy, interventions and debates on how a true Social Justice Warrior should comport themselves.

“Does it offer a solution to this anxiety that is pretty accurately captured? No. That’s when I came back to the concept of the “Mixtape” and realized the play is blaring “Sign O’ the Times”, not “We are the World”. It presents outrage like a grenade we’ve pulled the pin on and pass back and forth between us instead of actually throwing.” Constantine X. Anastasakis

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