A little reading: FOREVER EMERGING

In preparation for Dancing Monkey’s upcoming production of Karl Nimeni is not Dead – I Killed Karl Nimeni, Mike Czuba shared some thoughts with Intermission Magazine about process, making art and identifying as an artist.

Forever Emerging

“I’ve been an artist for so long that there is very little separation between my art and my life. I am my art now. My art informs my decisions, my perspectives about the world, and my relationships, oftentimes to their detriment. If my art has plateaued—if I have plateaued, if I never become professional—how do I move forward? Turning the page and telling myself that I had a good run doesn’t feel like a constructive or even healthy option.”

Left to Right: Michelle Brandenburg, Melissa Tuplin, and Amy Sawka. Design by Leon Schwesinger. Photo by Harry Papavlasopoulos

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