I AM I – “Montreal playwright’s anti-narrative aesthetic”

“The characters in Mike Czuba’s new tragi-comedy “I AM I” may state in frustration that they hate postmodernism, but the show owns its very appeal to this fragmented, and yet strangely cohesive genius of narrative.” Lucian Tion, Amsterdam Fringe – 2013

FOUND HERE.i-am-i“…If you spent the entirety of Waiting for Godot wondering when the hell Godot was going to show up, you may not like this Montreal playwright’s anti-narrative aesthetic. But if words like “postmodern”, “self-referential”, and “meta-fictional” appeal to you, then Czuba’s playful portrait of sexual politics in the modern age is a must-see.” Sarah Fletcher – Rover Arts.

“Mike Czuba’s breakneck and hilarious play rockets from place to place, taking in everything from love poems to sexual politics…” Orange Tea Theatre.

“Not many writers can pull off a play that transcends all boundaries of realism and logic but that still comes off as witty and entertaining” Julia Gerke – The Suburban

“Stimulating, ironic, dynamic and without compromise, the eternal human search for the Other, mirror of postmodernity in the pettiness of our time.” Yves Rousseau – LE QUATRIEME

I AM I provides the audience with an exploration of duality, love, the ridiculous things we think and the unexplainable actions we take, which remain a mystery even to ourselves.” The Concordian.

IamIPress5_webPremiere – 2009

Remount – 2011



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