REPRISE in Hollywood and Chicago.

Dancing Monkey is very pleased to announce that on April 20th, 2015 (S)cientist Mike Czuba’s original play REPRISE will be given a full staged-reading as part of the LIVING ROOM SERIES at The Blank Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

REPRISE was an Honourable Mention in the 2012 Alberta Playwriting Competition as well as a runner-up for the Pam Dunn award at Infinitheatre in Montreal. (AD Guy Sprung). In Oct 2011 the play received a staged reading as part of the Alberta Playwrights Network reading series at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, directed by Gail Hanrahan.

**REPRISE was also a runner-up in Chicago’s Red Theatre 2015 playwriting competition. From over 500 international submissions –  REPRISE was top three and will have an excerpt read later this year…

“Well crafted… Reprise demonstrates a very sophisticated structure and a very musical fluidity.” Iris Turcott

“Engaging structure, poetic, lyrical, emotionally honest.” Tom Eubanks, Elite Theatre Company, Oxnard, California. Reprise_1 Characters:
Steven Booker (M – 30’s)
Joanne Denis (F – 30’s)
Peter (Father) (M – 70’s)
Liz (Mother) (F – 60’s)
Sylvie (Wife) (F – 30’s)
Allison (Older Sister) *Allison’s voice can be heard only in voice over (V.O.

Logline: Upon learning of his father’s death musician Steven Booker spends an agonizing and fantastical day and night trying to dismiss the man he hated so much but knew so little.

Plot: Through a series of memories and the reality of his current situation, Steven Booker discovers that he is very much his father’s son. As hard as he tries to avoid it, only by going to his father’s funeral will he be able to move forward and become the man he wants to be and not the man he has become. The story is structured like a song with music used to propel and increase the power of the narrative without removing the audience from it. Hearing a Fender Rhodes piano being played alone on stage is magical. Hearing the memories of a father not understood can be universal. The work is contemporary, naturalistic and surreal with an aesthetic that is understood with fantasy never too far away.

Dismissal: Verse
Discovery: Chorus
Avoidance: Verse
Acceptance: Chorus
Becoming: Reprise


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