What You Will See If You Look.

Dancing Monkey Laboratories has started a new blog:

The purpose is to step away from the grind and take a few moments in the day to day to slow down and look for the beauty that exists all around us. Life can suck when trying to take it all in in our always connected, high-speed ‘existence’. But when we go so fast, we can forget to stop and look around…

There is (A)rt! and beauty all around us. Dancing Monkey Laboratories would like to help share some of it. We all have cameras on our phones these days, so if you see something beautiful – Street Art, the way the sun hits something, the way a shadow plays, the wondrous banality of everyday life, where you work, live, play – what do you see?

Take a picture and send it to us and we’ll share your little bit of beauty with the interwebs! Here are the rules:
1- See a beautiful thing.
2- Look at beautiful thing.
3- Continue looking at beautiful thing.
4- Take picture of beautiful thing and email it to us.
5- Include your name, where pic was taken, time of day, why you took picture (optional).
6- If you have a portfolio or on-line gallery send us the link! we #hustle for our friends in the lab!
7- If you wish to use any images posted, you must first receive permission from the individual submitters.
8- See beautiful things.

email us at dancingmonkeylab@gmail.com



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