You have night and you have day…

Dancing Monkey Laboratories, in association with the Interdisciplinary Kolleg ‘Karl Nimeni’: Nature and Culture of the Night (Germany) Presents:
KARL NIMENI IS NOT DEAD – I KILLED KARL NIMENI, a Night Play and Theatrical Poem

Charles Fleming is in crisis; nothing makes sense or allows him to follow the flow of existence. Being is becoming difficult. We meet him in a jail cell, charged with the murder of Karl Nimeni. The only evidence against him is a dream. He speaks to the audience or the jury or his god or himself. His reality has been compromised by his own dreams. We learn that he believes he is innocent because Karl Nimeni has murdered him. On this nocturlogical journey we meet different versions of Karl Nimeni as understood by Charles, a man he might have never met, and a Dancer who represents a primitive longing in Charles, beyond rationality and logic.

Written and Directed by Mike Czuba
Choreographed by Melissa Tuplin
Featuring Amy Sawka, Edward Ogum, Melissa Tuplin
Composed by Nathaniel Schmidt
Designed by Leon Schwesinger
Video Editing by Emma Casey

Tickets: Cash Only at the door $12, $10 with a food bank donation. Reservations through

April 16 – Pay What You Can Preview 8 pm
April 17 – 8 pm
April 18 – 8 pm
April 19 – 8 pm
April 20 – 2 pm, 8 pm *** Both Saturday performances will be Livestreamed, 2 pm and 8 pm MST. Details TBA***

EPCOR CENTRE’s Motel: 220 – 9 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 5C4

Each performance of KARL NIMENI IS NOT DEAD – I KILLED KARL NIMENI will be followed by the short film SATELLITES CAPTURED, based on Dancing Monkey Laboratory’s production SATELLITES during Sage Theatre’s Ignite! Festival June 2012. SATELLITES will be remounted October 2013 with the generous support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


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