Opening in Montreal and Calgary!

Tonight is a big night for Dancing Monkey Theatre. Two shows opening on the same night in different cities.

SATELLITES by Mike Czuba opens at Sage Theatre’s Ignite! Festival at 7:30, then (Technically 15 minutes later) RUMP by Larry Lamont opens at the Montreal Fringe Festival.

SATELLITES features:

Direction and Design by Mike Czuba

Choreography by Melissa Tuplin
Original Music by Nathaniel Schmidt

Actors: Laura Allen and Steven Eveanik
Dancers: Melissa Tuplin and Jason Galeos

Stage Management by Olivia Brooks
Graphic Design by Andrew Kerr

RUMP features:

Jessica Abdallah (Director)
Jasa Baka (AKA zuzu) (Designer)
James Douglas (Stage Manager)

Actors: Chris Hicks, Amrit Sanger, Charlotte Rogers, Adam Driscoll

For those of you who are interested in SATELLITES but cannot make it to the show due to time, cash or geography… We will be Live-Streaming the Saturday night show!!! (June 16th at 8:45 Calgary time – Do the math for your time – and please join us internationally). Now, this in itself is an experiment, as is the whole show, so we can’t completely guarantee the quality and any loss of signal. But we’re gonna give it our best to share what has been an amazing experience for all of us. We’re stepping into some new areas… Hope you can join us.

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