AFTER US THE SAVAGE GOD. A reading in Calgary (Oh the fluids!)

On Tuesday October 18th, the beast was released. Dancing Monkey presented a staged reading of Mike Czuba’s play, After Us The Savage God, in a basement bar (Wine Ohs). The lighting was low, the absurdity high and the drinks flowed.

There was filthy, filthy language.

The readers were: Michelle BRANDENBURG, Lonni OLSON, Dean COMBITSIS, David SKLAR and Melissa TUPLIN.

Photography by Maria Arseniuk.




A Savage God in Calgary.

October 18th – Dancing Monkey Laboratories presents a staged reading of Mike Czuba’s play: AFTER US THE SAVAGE GOD.

“A play that speaks directly to our current political environment. One part (un)historical biography – one part biting satire on our modern media.”

**Warning: Contains Adult language, fluids and depravity.

The readers are: Michelle BRANDENBURG, Lonni OLSON, Dean COMBITSIS, Filsan DUALEH and Melissa TUPLIN.

The history books all suggest the writer and full time lunatic, Alfred Jarry, died from a combination of malnutrition and a super-human consumption of alcohol. After Us The Savage God will offer another hypothesis – Time travel.


New – *PAGE ONE – Karl Nimeni Is Not Dead – I Killed Karl Nimeni

The latest instalment of *PAGE ONE: Actor Amy Sawka reading the opening of KARL NIMENI IS NOT DEAD – I KILLED KARL NIMENI, a Night Play by Mike Czuba.

**Page One is a video initiative by Dancing Monkey Laboratories to connect with actors, dancers, designers, and anyone else really, to read the first page of one of Mike Czuba’s plays (*or – a page from anywhere in the text, or the last page, or a collection of sections, eventually even the screenplays – it’s flexible – and contains many an ‘ish’ as is suggested by Nocturology‘s non-existent, yes strongly suggested, theatrical guidelines.)

AFTER US THE SAVAGE GOD – A play reading…July 12th.

On July 12th in Montreal, a reading of Mike Czuba’s new work AFTER US THE SAVAGE GOD will take place at the Mainline theatre.



The Monkey told me they wanted to direct and handed me a treatment written on a cocktail napkin and a track from 10 years ago. When the Monkey says dance, you don’t argue.

The two “OTIS” tracks used – ROPE and Wind Chimes – involve a bizarre mix of people from way back doing various things: Marcus Paquin, Fiona Coll, Sylvain Auclair, Sebastien Boisvert, Angela Desveaux and I can’t remember the drummer’s name…