Le Salon des Refusés #3

Dancing Monkey is pleased to present the third installment of Le Salon des Refusés, a staged reading of ridiculous plays and screenplays by Mike Czuba. This time out we present SHANIQUA and the SPACE QUEEN. A lost gem from the early 2000’s and missed opportunity for production companies everywhere!! But it’s not too late as no script ever truly dies.

January 30th, 2019 – 8pm at KOI – 1011, 1st Street, SW, Calgary.

Performed by the Dancing Monkey Players: Michelle Brandenburg, Lonni Olson, Constantine X. Anastasakis, Filsan Dualeh, Wil Knoll and Melissa Tuplin (Contracts still in negotiations).

The event is FREE! Bring your thirst, have a little food, and dig in those couches, sofas or chesterfields for some loose change – We’ll be passing the hat at the end.

Images from previous Salons can be found HERE and HERE.


Shaniqua Johnson is the lead actor in the most popular TV show on the planet. The Space Queen. A cross between the original Star Trek and Baywatch. And she hates it.

But then, a rabid and obsessed fan has kidnapped her. Convinced they were meant to be together, he keeps her prisoner, locked in a soundproof apartment for his own sick satisfaction.  

Shaniqua has visions of the Space Queen telling her to be strong. She soon realizes that the only chance she has to save herself is to make peace with her screen persona. To survive, Shaniqua must become what she hates, the Space Queen.


Monkeys on Late Night.

On November 29th, the Dancing Monkey crew was invited to present their performance video GOOD FORTUNE DRINKS TOO MUCH at LATE NIGHT AT THE PLAZA.

We felt very comfortable in their special brand of madness.
We also discovered that monkeys fit quite snuggly on questionable chesterfields.

Pics from Wise Photo.


Satie et Cocteau – Le Film…

(S)cientist Mike Czuba has just finished a screenplay version of his play Satie et Cocteau: A Rehearsal of a Play of a Composer by a Poet. The screenplay stays true to the stage version with some cinematic expansions and imaginings of the world of memories Cocteau and Actor are working in.

It is an Art Film – but one with an international reach.

Satie et Cocteau: A Rehearsal of a Play of a Composer by a Poet is a surreal story of love, betrayal and ambition between a director and an actor battling it out on a theatre stage during the final rehearsal of a play that is never to be performed.

Satie et Cocteau is about the classical music composer Erik Satie and his complex, opium-fueled relationship with the surrealist poet Jean Cocteau. Fifteen years after Satie’s death, Cocteau is directing an American Actor in the role of Satie in the play Soyons Vulgaires (Let Us Be Vulgar)*, written by Cocteau in 1939. The action takes place during the final rehearsal, which Cocteau has only called because he feels the Actor does not fully understand the role. We discover that Cocteau’s true intentions are for the Actor to fully embody Satie, to be somehow possessed by him, so he can finally exorcise him from his life.

*No original copy of Soyons Vulgaires has ever been found. The events described in the text have been reassembled using the Actor’s own journal written during the rehearsal process. The journal might have been purchased for a dollar from a barn sale in Ohio in 1972 and was only recently re-discovered.

The play has been produced in Calgary, AB. (https://dancingmonkeylab.com/satie-et-cocteau-2012/) and has received staged readings in Chicago and Berlin. It will have it’s American stage premiere in May 2016 in Chicago by Genesis Theatrical Productions.

“…a truly excellent piece of theatre which deals convincingly and imaginatively with one of the most fraught love-hate relationships in modern French art. It has real depth and excellent dramatic pacing and is a work of art in itself.” Robert Orledge, Composer and Satie scholar.

“I admired the irreverence, theatricality and sheer fun of the piece. I found it to be a very enjoyable read.” Bob White, Director of New Plays – Stratford Festival.
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SATELLITES CAPTURED at Cinédanse in Montreal.

On January 12th, Dancing Monkey Laboratories short film “SATELLITES CAPTURED” will be presented at Cinédanse – part of this years Bouge D’ici dance festival.

Bouge d’ici (formerly known as CoMotion Farm) was founded in 2009 to support Montreal’s up-and-coming contemporary dance artists. It was founded as a reaction to the lack of realistic opportunities for emerging choreographers or students to present their work in professional contexts. Bouge d’ici-ers believe in creating their own opportunities, sharing their experiences with others and taking their artistic development into their own hands. Follow them on Twitter here.