After Us The Savage God… a new work.

Some Monkeys got together to read a draft of Mike Czuba’s new work:

After Us the Savage God.

“One part (un)historical biography – one part biting satire on our modern media and political environment.”

The history books all suggest Alfred Jarry died from a combination of malnutrition and a super-human consumption of alcohol. After Us The Savage God will offer another hypothesis – Time travel. With his life long interest in science and cycling, Alfred Jarry secretly managed to build a time machine in his decrepit apartment. He used the knowledge acquired in his travels through time to write his avant-guard and at times incomprehensible plays and novels and in the process create a series of unbelievable characters. One of these creations, the beast known as UBU, decided he would like to become real and tormented Jarry for much of his adult life. UBU inserted himself into Jarry’s world so much that the fabric of reality began to tear apart. Was UBU created by Jarry, or was Jarry created by UBU?

*Warning: Contains Adult language, fluids and depravity.

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A dream captured in the steam of an electric teapot…

Perhaps one of the more intriguing pieces to hit Calgary this season…”

Dancing Monkey Laboratories, in association with the Interdisciplinary Kolleg ‘Karl Nimeni’: Nature and Culture of the Night (Germany) Presents:
KARL NIMENI IS NOT DEAD – I KILLED KARL NIMENI, a Night Play and Theatrical Poem

NIMENI in the Machine

Dancing Monkey Laboratories will be Live-Streaming both our Saturday (April 20th) shows out onto the interwebs!

Here’s the address: Dancing Monkey Laboratories is experimenting with new ways to share our work and reach out to new audiences. As this is still in the experimental phase the quality of the transmission is still in question, if you do have the opportunity to tune-in, we’d love to know what you thought.

Saturday April 20th at 2pm and 8pm (Calgary time). Hope you can join us!
Amy Sawka as Charles Fleming

Are you a Nimenist?

“You will see actors on the stage, of course (Edward Ogum as Charles Fleming, and Amy Sawka as Karl Nimeni)”… or not.
Reserve your spot: