A Reading in Chicago: Satie et Cocteau.


On July 22nd, Genesis Theatrical Productions will be presenting a staged reading of Mike Czuba’s Satie et Cocteau: A Rehearsal of a Play of a Composer by a Poet.  The reading will be directed by Katie Horwitz and feature Madrid St. Angelo as Cocteau.  The reading will take place on Monday, July 22 at 7:30pm at the National Pastime Theater in the Preston Bradley Center, 941 W. Lawrence, on the 4th floor.

Satie et Cocteau: A Rehearsal of a Play of a Composer by a Poet, is a play about the classical music composer Erik Satie and his complex relationship with the surrealist poet Jean Cocteau. The concept of the play is that we are watching Cocteau direct an American Actor in the role of Satie in a play that  Cocteau wrote in 1939 called Soyons Vulgaires. The play takes place 15 years after the death of Satie.

Here’s a quick audio interview with playwright Mike Czuba about the play: