A Shout Out!

Dancing Monkey is asking all artists (Theatre/Music/Fine Arts), anything where an admission is asked for, to begin participating in some direct action initiatives. We would like to see this begun with all theatre companies, independent and professional, offering a small reduction in tickets prices (2$…?) with the donation of a non-perishable food item (look in your cupboard), jacket for the winter months or clothing for shelters (look in your closets). Do we need another play about genocide or another song about the working man? Maybe. But instead of preaching to the choir, making us all feel good about how deeply we care about injustice, maybe we can do some tangible good right now!

I fully understand that budgets are tight and we as artists are always kicking and screaming for funding, and rightly so. The diminishing of arts funding is indeed an injustice, but all of the artists I know are not without food and shelter and some even own equity! In the big picture of injustices, it’s a little down on the list.

So for your next production/concert/gallery show, call the local food bank, local shelter, set up a collection area and offer that small discount.

Let’s make an actual difference.



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