IndieGoGo Campaign: RUMP by Larry Lamont

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WHAT’S IN A NAME? In a world of epic bureaucracy, EVERYTHING! Try making your way through a labyrinth of permits and paperwork saddled with a name like Rumpelstiltskin; you’d be looking for payback too. Now, if only Permit A881.62.D-6 rev.02, “Respecting Reprisals for Treachery”, still covered blood-feuds. If only…

This fundraising campaign is to finance Dancing Monkey Theatre’s latest production entitled RUMP, a new play by Larry Lamont that will be presented at this year’s Montreal Fringe Festival. The play will be directed by Jessica Abdallah with dramaturgy by Mike Czuba.

Rump is about regulation. Through a labyrinth of bureaucracy, our hero Rump follows the dark thread of revenge. Rump’s struggle is for individuality in the face of a all-consuming social construct. Rump is about the realization that the thread we follow is knotted to its own end; and asks whether we dare undo it without filling out Application 771-8-23A – “Respecting the Untying of Inexplicably Knotted Threads in Labyrinths”.

Dancing Monkey Theatre is a collective led by Mike Czuba and Larry Lamont. Founded in Montreal in 2009 for the premiere of Mike Czuba’s play I AM I, Dancing Monkey Theatre is about exploring; discovering and deconstructing what English Quebecois theatre can be by creating works that speak to diverse audiences. Having already been blessed with working with some of Montreal’s best talent, known and unknown, Dancing Monkey wishes to use it’s platform to continue to foster, encourage and collaborate with established artists and hidden talents to create a theatrical experience that offers universal content, challenging aesthetics and builds bridges into other artistic communities.

The funds raised with the campaign will go towards the design budget or the show, initial administration costs (space rental), publicity and honourariums for our cast and crew.

**All income earned through ticket sales will also go exclusively towards cast and crew.

One of Dancing Monkey’s mandates as we evolve as a company and collective is to make sure that (A)rtists are paid. The amounts can vary depending on the show and financing, but this campaign will go a long way in establishing that mandate.

Culture cannot exist without the Arts and the Arts cannot exist without an audience – YOU.


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